Update 2-28-2017:  Inogen 5 Year and LifeTime “Worry-Free” Warranty, Service and Maintenance. Main Clinic Supply Exclusive! 

Update 3-01-2016 – We now offer on ALL our Portable Oxygen Upgrades the option to have your machine “Replaced” or “Repaired” if you have a warranty issue.  Your choice!

Inogen Lifetime Warranty

Inogen lifetime warranties vary greatly from company to company.  Study the differences below and make sure to ask the following questions:

  • Is the company an Authorized Dealer for Inogen?  Click Here to Verify Inogen Authorized 
  • What ALL does the Lifetime Warranty cover?  Main Clinic Supply is the only dealer that offers a  “Lifetime Warranty Upgrade” and “Lifetime Service Upgrade” that includes ALL routine service, software updates, and filter replacements. These services can save well over $2,000.00+ in a lifetime. Speedy warranty repairs and replacements as fast as the very next morning are included!
  • Is the Company offering the warranty a factory authorized Inogen Service Center?  At this time, Main Clinic Supply is the only dealer in the USA that is an Inogen Authorized Service Center.

Contact Main Clinic Supply at 1-800-775-0942

All products manufactured by Inogen One are state-of-the-art, but here is why you should consider a lifetime warranty and lifetime service plan for your Inogen machine. All Inogen oxygen concentrators come with a standard 3 year factory warranty. However, most people find that purchasing one of the upgrades below saves money and ensures the very fastest turn-around time. Main Clinic Supply offers Bundle Upgrades below that provide valuable accessories, yearly software updates, filter replacements, oxygen purity column replacement and any and all warranty repairs with option for a 100% Replacement.

Inogen has, without a doubt, the most advanced and most intelligent portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Having said that, we all know that anything mechanical can breakdown and requires routine service and maintenance. When they do, having the best warranty and service upgrade in place for your machine is very important. Below we show the upgrades we offer. These upgrades are exclusive from Main Clinic Supply. We are the only Authorized Inogen Dealer that is also Inogen Service Certified. Click below to see all the conditions that can be covered with our warranty upgrades.


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Update 7-08-2016: Complete Review, Comparisons and Recommendations for 2016

Updated, 2/22/2016: What is new for 2016? Portable Oxygen Concentrators, 2016 Additions. Reviews, Comparisons and Technical Data.

There are two new portable oxygen concentrators for 2016.  SimplyGo Mini is new from Respironics and the other “Enhanced Inogen G3” is from Inogen One.  We compare them both below showing the major differences in these new 2016 model portable oxygen concentrators that compete head to head.

New 2016 Models:  Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Reviews, Comparisons and Technical Data

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2016 Portable Oxygen Concentrators  Updated

2016 Inogen One G3

8 Cell battery, AC/DC Power

Carry Case, 3 year Warranty

Optional: 5 Year & Lifetime Warranty

2016 SimplyGo Mini

Small battery, AC/DC Power  

Carry Case, 2 year Warranty

No Optional Warranties

Capture mini

Click HERE for more info

Click HERE for more info



Available Flow Settings  

1 to 5



1 to 5


Unit & Battery (Approx.)  

4.8 lbs.



5.0 lbs


Airline Approved YES CHECK AIRLINE 
Sleep Tested YES
Auto Oxygen Delivery YES
FREE Overnight FedEx Delivery YES YES

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The Inogen G3 Enhanced, 1 to 5, oxygen production specifications:

Inogen One G3 Enhanced 1 to 5 Specifications

The SimplyGo Mini, 1 to 5, oxygen production specifications:

At a setting of 2.0 a maximum of 440 mL/ min, and the fixed pulse specification is 22 mL of oxygen delivered per breath/pulse. At 15 breaths per minute (15 BPM) and 22 mL delivered per breath, production is 15 BPM x 22 mL = 330 mL/min so the unit can deliver its full pulse volume at this rate. But at 30 BPM and a 440 mL/min maximum production capacity at setting 2, the pulse volume per breath will automatically be reduced to about 15 mL (440 mL / 30 BPM = 14.7 mL per breath).

Previous Post, 7-30-2015: The rest of the portable oxygen field is unchanged from 2015, you can see all the Reviews, Comparisons and Technical Data for 2015 here.  2015 Portable Oxygen Concentrators – Chart, Update and Reviews

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