Inogen One’s NEW MODEL G3 Sale – You will want to see this price!

by Fran Fox

The Inogen One G3 is:

  • 45% Smaller 
  • 30% Lighter 
  • 27% More Oxygen Per Pound 

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The Inogen One G3  is the smallest and lightest concentrator by Inogen. The Inogen G3 is light has  long battery life, meaning that you will not have to worry when you leave the house.

The Inogen One G3 weighs only 4.85 pounds with a single battery,  8.75 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 8.25 high Oxygen delivery  is via  a pulse dose delivery system, and has four settings to accommodate most oxygen therapy patients.

The Inogen One G3 is  for use everywhere, use it at home and use it on the road.  The Inogen One is approved for air travel on all US airlines as well as trains and cruise ships.

Intelligent Delivery Technology at Night

  • Intelligent Delivery Technology ensures oxygen therapy is delivered efficiently and effectively in all modes of use. Inogen One’s oxygen delivery systems are clinically proven to provide the necessary oxygen for most patients during  daily activity and during sleep (RespirCare March 2006:51(3):252-256; and CHEST 1999 Vol.116(1):22-29). Conserver technology within the Inogen One portable oxygen systems provides oxygen within the first 400 milliseconds of inspiration. Inogen One oxygen technology utilizes  state of the art triggering sensitivity to quickly detect the breath and then deliver oxygen within this critical period. Less accurate conservers create lags in the onset of the oxygen bolus causing the bolus to arrive too late.During sleep, respiratory rate usually decreases. Inogen One actively responds to these changes the use of this patented technology to increase the oxygen bolus size.

For immediate assistance CALL 1-800-775-0942

$2495 SALE Package Includes:

  • Inogen One G3 Enhanced 1 to 5 Concentrator – Smallest with most Oxygen
  • Intelligent Oxygen Delivery – Daytime and Nighttime Oxygen Delivery
  • Light 8-cell Lithium Ion Battery – Lightweight long lasting battery.
  • Auto Oxygen Delivery – Automatically delivers oxygen when breath not detected.
  • Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • A/C Wall Outlet Power Supply-Charges battery while using your Inogen
  • USA and Overseas Power – Converts to proper voltage automatically.
  • D/C Car Power Supply-Charges battery while using your Inogen
  • Easy-to-Read Lighted LCD Display – Constant Oxygen Purity Monitoring
  • Nasal Cannula (New Ultra-Soft)
  • Lifetime 24 Hour Technical Support Main Clinic Exclusive*
  • FedEx Next Day Over-Night Delivery! Main Clinic Exclusive*