Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen – What is New?

by Fran Fox

The new Inogen One G5 has just been released! It is the newest portable oxygen concentrator from Inogen One. What is new? Here is what you need to know, what is new and what is different?

There are now three current models. Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G4 are the other two current models. The Inogen One G5 now has the highest oxygen output ever from Inogen One. Here are the details.

The G5 brings in a new generation of portable oxygen. It has the most oxygen output of any machine on the market. 1,260ml of oxygen output. High-Flow portable oxygen in a small light-weight machine.

We expect this to be a favorite in the portable oxygen market. Below is a chart with the important specifications of the Inogen One G5. You will also find below a video of us unboxing and reviewing the machine. Please call us anytime with any questions!

Inogen One G5 Specifications
Oxygen Flow1 to 6, via Intelligent Delivery Technology
Size7.19 X 3.26 X 7.11 inches
Weight4.77 (with small battery)
PowerBattery, A/C and D/C
Small Battery Life4.5 hours – 2 Setting
Large Battery Life9.0 hours – 2 setting
Inogen One G5 – Video introduction, unboxing and review.