Now Own The Very Best Oxygen Concentrators! Portables and Home Oxygen Machines

by Fran Fox


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Everything Portable Oxygen Has Never Been.

Maintenance and Service?  There is NO routine service.  Easier to maintain than your kitchen toaster!  Covered by factory warranty!

Main Clinic Supply is a medical equipment company located here in Rochester, Minnesota. the home of the Mayo Clinic.  All the medical equipment we carry is the very best on the market.  That includes the very best and newest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. We only carry the very best with the very latest technology.

If you are here in Rochester at one of the Mayo Clinic hospitals, we are credentialed and registered to deliver directly to your patient room.  We offer free delivery to the Mayo Clinic hospitals and hotels in the Mayo Clinic area.

We ship for FREE on FedEx anywhere in the USA. 

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